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Karen’s Image Boutique is a unique color and image boutique. We are primarily a cosmetic and make-over studio dedicated to creating a "new you" that is both natural and beautiful. Your finished look will be very approachable, polished and healthy. Whatever your age - Karen and her staff want you to look your best. We offer cosmetics, skin care and hair care products. Certified Image Consultant, Karen Robinson, will help you achieve a new look that will give you the confidence needed in today’s world.

"After 22 years of operating The Dump Boutique, I want to welcome my worldwide family to the new and updated Karen’s Image Boutique. You were responsible for my past success. You are the reason I will be successful in this new endeavor. Over many years, you have been my walking, talking advertisements. You are a tribute to yourselves and to me. You are the reason that we never had to advertise. I want to welcome all of you back into my family! Thank you for your many years of loyalty. I feel both indebted and blessed!"

-Karen Robinson, Certified Image Consultant

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Karen's Image Boutique (formerly The Dump Boutique) offers a wide selection of... 

Skin Care

Skin Care

Want your makeup to look GREAT? OK! But first you must take... 

Hair Care

The peptides in our hair care products will promote a healthy shine! Try our shampoo, conditioner and serum for great results!